Reading Lists

Find a wide collection of reading lists on anthropological topics. Have an idea for a reading list? Get in touch.

Susan MacDougall

Anthropology of Friendship

Chima Michael Anyadike-Danes

British Coalmining Communities

Kathryn Mariner

On Ethnographic Methods

Kimberly Ann Harris

Critical Philosophy of Race

Johannes Lenhard & Alexandrine Royer

Data, Platforms, and Bias

Andrea E. Pia

Public Anthropology

Chihab El Khachab

The Anthropology of Cinema

Lukas Ley

Chronic Present

Heikki Wilenius

Digital ethnography

Felix Ringel & Sonja Moghaddari

Anthropologies of the future

Antje Berger, Annika Lems and Christine Moderbacher

Anthropological Engagements with the Far-Right

Nandita Badami

Histories of Energy

Radhika Gupta

Understanding Kashmir

Patrick McKearney

The Ethics of Care

Megha Amrith