Ethnographic theory Digest 2019 vol. 9

Here we are again with our monthly digest of readings that inspired us! For those of you who didn’t yet do so, check out also our recent guest reading list on “The Ethics of Care” by Patrick McKearney! Have a great summer, everyone!


In line with the interest of this year’s NET panel at the FAS conference, Bob Frame’s Typology of Antarctic Futures.

Check out the new ejournal Roadsites, on the social life of infrastructure and a first issue on temporalities.

Another recent ethnography-centered journal – in French mostly but partly also in English – is the Revue Terrain. Note in particular the recent collective issue on Apocalypses curated by Matthew Carey. They also have an interesting blog.


Rob Borofsky’s critical contribution, An Anthropology of Anthropology: Is It Time to Shift Paradigms?, is available for download here.

Kathryn Yusoff’s A Billion Black Anthropocenes or None about “the politics of the Anthropocene within the context of race, materiality, deep time, and the afterlives of geology”.


We want to be part of the places where you can find the change that Zoe Todd invokes when arguing why we need to go beyond elite anthropology.

Ashanté Reese incites us think of ethnographic refusal as care, which may call into question imperatives of academic knowing.

Mariam Durrani on how to “remap the traditional distinctions between university and community through rigorous scholarship and a commitment to social justice”.

Allegra Lab’s thematic thread on statelessness, displacement and disappearance.

Reading list on indigenous research methods by Helen Kara.