Ethnographic theory Digest 2019 vol. 8

Dear all, June is here and here is also this month’s digest with some work we find inspiring.

Inspiring is also what we would like this website to be like, and if you feel you would like to contribute to this with a guest blog or a guest reading list (maybe you have some time to write this summer?), you are more than welcome. Just get in touch with us!


William Mazzarella’s new Annual Review piece on populism

A fantastic new special edition of Radical History Review on boycotting

A JRAI special issue on anthropology and surealism

/Monographs & books

Nina Trige Andersen’s new book, Labor Pioneers, on Filipino labor in Denmark

Rebecca Bryant and Daniel Knight’s The Anthropology of the Future


Thinking Spain and the archives of empire

On the politics of photojournalism

On Turkish immigration to Germany

Obituary of Binyavanga Wainaina

On Queer Futures in anthropological research by Tom Boellstorff and Cymene Howe.


A 5 minute deconstruction of Charlie Chaplin’s use of food in his movies, bringing together themes of memory, poverty and the residue of trauma, the psychology of comedy.

Jian Liu’s photos of Tiananmen 1989

Trying to define the cultures of generations

Allegra Lab’s podcast roundup