Ethnographic theory Digest 2019 vol. 10


Pushing past the other to the otherwise, a great collection of short pieces in Cultural Anthropology by Laura McTighe and Megan Raschig.

The introduction to a special issue on “The ethical constitution of energy dilemmas” by Mette M. High and Jessica M. Smith in JRAI.

From our recent guest reading list author, Patrick McKearney, in Ethnos on judgement, critique, and surprise as engines of anthropological theory. And read his reading list on “Care” here!

Adam Scott Clark with a remarkably timely piece on the definition of “Chinese” in Hong Kong.

And we couldn’t not have something about the moon landing this summer!

Although not recent but still timely: Navaro-Yashin’s argument for a trans-paradigmatic ethnography.

A Tsantsa Special issue on decolonial processes in Swiss academia.


In case you missed this publication, this is what An Anthropology of Nothing in Particular can look like.

Cutting through a thick discourse with an ethnographic knife is Jean Jackson’s superb Managing Multiculturalism Indigeneity and the Struggle for Rights in Colombia.

Nicolas Argenti’s lovely book on absence in Greece, with Remembering Absence: The Sense of Life in Island Greece.


A blog collection on Muslim Humanitarianism curated by Till Mostowlansky.

Girish Daswani’s blog on the “continuing presence of an elite, masculine, and imperial habitus within the discipline, which has been […] internalized by all of us, even non-white anthropologists” and the need to decolonialize anthropology.


On the return of scientific racism.

And for those cinematically Korean inclined, the Korean Film Archive is uploading many classic Korean films to youtube!

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