Ethnographic theory Digest 2018 vol. 9

Dear NET members,

We are happy to bring you another version of our ethnographic theory digest. Before that, we are even happier to announce that NET will be partaking in this year’s EASA 2018 in Stockholm with a panel on the theme of Xenophilia. We urge our members to have a look and share the abstract and to apply with their papers! You can access the abstract of the panel and propose papers through this link:

Onwards to the digest:

  1. From Comparative Studies in Society and History, “Making Kinship Bigger: Andrew Shryock in Conversation with Golfo Alexopoulos, Nadav Samin, David Henig, and Gísli Pálsson.
  2. A special issue in Anthropological Forum on “Spirits of Uncertainty: Eventologies of Nature on China’s Frontiers,” guest-edited by Giovanni da Col.
  3. A special issue of SociologieS on the work of Jeanne Favret-Saada (in French).
  4. Edmund Leach’s 1967 Reith Lectures are now available on BBC Radio 4!
  5. Video of Dan Sperber and Michael Tomasello in conversation on “What makes us human.”