Ethnographic theory Digest 2017 vol. 7

Dear NET members and ethnographic theory aficionados,

We are happy to provide you with another version of another volume of our digest, as well as some news of  a workshop NET is co-organising in September 2017.

1. New, open-access issue of Anthropology of This Century, which also includes an interview with Janet Carsten.

2. “Why was Clifford Geertz such a popular anthropologist?” The start of an interesting post on the legacy of Geertz by Savage Mind’s Rex.

3. New, open-access issue of Suomen-Anthropologi, which also includes a lecture and interview with Anna Tsing.

4. New, open-access issue of HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory. As always it contains an abundance of first-rate scholarship, including a much discussed debate on the place of ethnography in anthropology.

5. Cultures of Energy podcast with Alexei Yurchak who among other topics talks about his current research on Russian scientists trying to preserve Lenin’s body.


September workshop

We are happy to announce that NET is co-organising a workshop with HAU/The Society of Ethnographic Theory to take place 7-10 September, 2017 in Capri Island, Italy. We are thankful to the Wenner-Gren Foundation, EASA and the University of Manchester for their funding in facilitating the workshop.

The workshop will be convened by Giovanni da Col (SOAS) and Theodoros Kyriakides (Manchester), and includes the participation of Susan D. Blum (Notre Dame), Harri Englund (Cambridge), Niloofar Haeri (Johns Hopkins), Michael Herzfeld (Harvard), Angelique Haugerud (Rutgers), David Henig (Kent), John L. Jackson (Upenn), Michael Lambek (Toronto),  Rena Lederman (Princeton), Sasha Newell (Université Libre de Bruxelles), Sherry Ortner (UCLA), Andrew Shryock (Michigan), Carlos Londoño Sulkin (U of Regina), Madeleine Reeves (Manchester), Angela Reyes (Hunter College, CUNY) and Alexei Yurchak (UC Berkeley).

We will be making available more information in the coming months.

We hope this finds you well and enjoying the end of the academic year.