Ethnographic theory Digest 2017 vol. 5

Dear NET members,

We are happy to present you with another version of the ethnographic theory digest from around the anthro-internets.

  1. The latest issue of History and Anthropology includes “Marshalling Sahlins” – Michael Lambek’s review of Golub, Rosenblatt and Kelly’s (eds.) The Thought and Influence of Marshall Sahlins.
  2. The Times Literary Supplement has a review by Max Hayward entitled “Philosophy vs. Ethics,” which also addresses Webb Keane’s Ethical Life.
  3. An article by Roberte Hamayon in The Conversation, exploring the relevance of shamanism in today’s world (in French).
  4. Via Jonathan Goodwin, an astounding co-citation network graph of American AnthropologistCultural AnthropologyAmerican Ethnologist and The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute.
  5. “Notes on a Balinese Cockfight” and Donald Trump – part of Somatosphere’s Aftermath series of posts.
  6. EVENT: The State We’re In: Anthropological Perspectives on Brexit and Trump – Debate at UCL Anthropology on March 15th.

On another note, we are busy at work organising a NET event for this summer/early fall – details are yet to be finalised but we will hopefully be able to provide information next month.

In the meantime, we hope this finds you well and hard at thought!