Ethnographic theory Digest 2016 vol. 3

Dear NET members,

Happy belated Halloween and welcome to the third edition of the ethnographic theory digest. As usual, we have assembled an array of links from the anthro-internets for you to peruse.

  1. HAU has a new autumn issue out, which includes a debate section on Sherry Ortner’s instant classic “Dark anthropology and its others.” Also, the Centre of Ethnographic Theory at SOAS will host two events in late November: On Nov. 16, a group study session on themes of PLAY and LUCK. And, on Nov. 29th, a debate on “Two or three things I hate/love about ethnography.” Visit HAU’s Facebook pagefor more details on participants, times and places.
  2. Somatosphere has released their second part to their comprehensive “A reader’s guide to the anthropology of ethics and morality,”this time compiled by Webb Keane.
  3. University of Chicago Press has just made available a second edition to Roy Wagner’s seminal The invention of culture.
  4. The Times Literary Supplement has a review by Adam Kuper – with a somewhat provocative title – of Claude Lévi-Strauss’ latest epic biopic,  written by Emmanuelle Loyer.
  5. AllegraLab has a review of Marshall Sahlins’ What kinship is – and is not.
  6. The latest Cambridge Anthropology Podcast is an interview with Richard Werbner about his latest book, Divination’s grasp: African encounters with the almost said.