Ethnographic theory Digest 2016 vol. 2

Welcome to the second edition of the ethnographic theory digest!

  1. Somatosphere has the first part (!) of a comprehensive reader’s guide to the anthropology of ethics and morality composed by Jason Throop.
  2. HAU Books released it’s 13th title! The Sex Thieves: The Anthropology of a Rumor, By Julien Bonhomme. Translated by Dominic Horsfall and with a foreword by Philippe Descola. Full text is open access and available online.
  3. New issue of Anthropology of This Century is now online! It includes a review of Webb Keane’s latest book and features an article by Tanya Luhrmann.
  4. Bjørn Enge Bertelsen’s new monograph Violent Becomings: State Formation, Sociality, and Power in Mozambique is open-access and available online for free!
  5. In case you didn’t read it, Bruce Kapferer’s take on the Brexit.