Ethnographic theory Digest 2016 vol. 1

Dear ethnographic theorists,

This is the first in hopefully many digests of link pertaining to NET’s focus on ethnographic theory. Enjoy!

1) “The Ethical Life of Imagination”, a HAU-Musée du Quai Branly initiative with Webb Keane, James Laidlaw, Joel Robbins, Anne-Christine Taylor, Claude Imbert, Carlo Severi and Giovanni da Col. Tuesday October 4, 14.30-19, Cinéma, Musée du Quai Branly. Click here for more details

2) Suomen Anthropologi, the journal of the Finnish Anthropological Association, went open access. Their latest offering includes pieces by Philippe Descola and the late Sid Mintz.

3) The late issue of Anthropological Forum also has many great articles, including this review of Descola’s Beyond Nature and Culture by Tim Ingold which might be of particular interest to [NET] members.

4) A great lecture by Michael Lambek: “Ethnography and History: Marriage as Moral Horizon in Mayotte.”

5) Carol McGranahan put together a nice quiz over at Savage Minds on connections between anthropology and popular culture.